• Featured Partners
  • Doobert Approved Organizations
  • Animal Rescue Flights (ARF)

    Animal Rescue Flights (ARF) has been transporting animals from overcrowded kill shelters to safety at adoption rescues since 2008 with the help of volunteer pilots, cabin crews, planners, drivers, rescue, and shelter volunteers. For more information you can find ARF here, http://www.animalrescueflights.org/

  • Let Your Love Grow

    When a loved one passes, we feel an innate desire to return them to the earth. But cremated ashes are actually harmful to our environment when planted or scattered. Until now. Let Your Love Grow is the world's first patented, all-organic mixture designed to offset the natural toxicity of ash and invite new life to flourish.

  • Miss LeGRRR Bakery and Brew

    Miss LeGRRR Bakery and Brew is dedicated to helping homeless pets find their forever homes while providing pet owners with delicious goodies for their furry best friend(s). Help them help more animals in need by giving their yummy pet treats a try! 10% of all proceeds go to local animal shelters.

  • My Zone Blue

    Founded by scientists who love animals, My Zone Blue is a Boston, Massachusetts-based startup that is dedicated to the design, production, and commercialization of premium raw and freeze-dried pet food, toppers, and treats. It aims to help improve the health of domestic dogs and cats and implements a science-based approach to pet nutrition using only natural, human-grade ingredients.

  • Petcademy

    Petcademy is an online learning platform that offers courses and other support to new fosters and adopters. By leveraging their community of trainers and experienced animal rescuers, Petcademy provides fosters and adopters with the resources necessary for the animals to successfully transition into their home.

  • Rescue Express

    Rescue Express is a Rancho Santa Fe, California based initiative of the MGM Animal Foundation; a 501(c)3, public charity organization, established in 2000 with a focus on animal welfare. With the dedication of our Founder, Mike McCarthy, and kind contributions from the general public, Rescue Express has been giving animals their “freedom ride” since February of 2015.