Canine Crossing Rescue Transport

Canine Crossing Rescue Transport
Canine Crossing Rescue Transport

About Canine Crossing Rescue Transport

Canine Crossing Rescue Transport is a responsibly managed, volunteer-based transport coordination service for rescue dogs and puppies to and/or from approved Rescue Partners.

Please see the guidelines for working with our organization below.

Canine Crossing Rescue Transport (CCRT) coordinates strictly volunteer, multi-legged transports. Our primary goal is to help ensure the well-being of passengers and make the process as smooth as possible for transport volunteers. We will happily assist any rescue that has successfully completed our Rescue Partner application process or is referred to us by and has the backing of another implicitly trusted rescue partner or transport coordinator.
CCRT’s service area includes most of the continental U.S. (excluding CA, MT, ND, NV, OR, SD, UT, WA and WY), and our runs involve 1-3 days of travel with a maximum total distance of 2000 miles. Each “leg" averages 75 miles one-way, and multiple day transports will include any necessary overnight stays. Transports generally happen during the weekend with multiple day runs starting on either Friday or Saturday.
It takes a tremendous Team effort for these transports to make these transports successful and requires the generosity of multiple volunteer drivers and overnight hosts. On very rare occasions, a volunteer may be needed to temporarily house the animals should something unexpected occur while transport is in progress causing the transport to come to an abrupt halt (weather-related, transporter-involved auto accident, etc.)
As a responsible coordination service, many requirements must be met in regards to the animals before we will even consider assisting. When you volunteer for a CCRT transport, please rest assured that all passengers on our transports:
  • Have been in temporary foster care for a minimum of 14 days (21 days for puppies younger than 9 months).
  • Are current on all age appropriate vaccinations.
  • Are free of communicable diseases, viruses and/or skin conditions.
  • Have been amply treated for fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites.
  • Are wearing properly fitted collars, harnesses & leashes (age dependent).
  • Are provided with ample food for travel.
  • Are provided with a crate if they weigh less than 20lbs.
  • Are traveling with all required paperwork including a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (aka "health certificate"), proof of vetting, Rabies Certificate, etc.)
Furthermore, NPOG (no paws on ground) puppies are provided with a crate, crate blanket, supply of potty pads and a toy or 2 for comfort.
If you wish to volunteer or are in need of our services, please view our Transport Schedule. Don't hesitate to reach out via email or Messenger should you have any questions.

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