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General Information
Manager or Director: Janet DeCraene
Organization Type: Rescue
EIN #: 30-0366029
501c3 Certified Adoption Contract

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About Cocker Spaniel Resources, Inc.
Cocker Spaniel Resources, Inc (abreviation CSR) was founded in July 2006. CSR rescues, rehabilitates, rehomes or retires cocker spaniels and cocker spaniel mixes. CSR serves the Upper Midwest and follows I35 from MN to OK for rescue of cocker spaniels. CSR is foster based.
Please see the guidelines for working with our organization below.

CSR follows all Interstate laws required by transporting animals across state lines. We do not take any dogs which are heartworm postivie, Brucellosis positive or other contagious diseases which are not allowed to be transported into WI. CSR does not take dangerous dogs. All dogs transproted for CSR are required to be contained in a crate during transportation. They must travel with current paperwork. No personal dogs on the transport.

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